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New York, NY

Valerie is a still and lifestyle photographer living in New York City. 

She grew up in her dad’s pizza place, spending nights weighing dough, peeling garlic, and frying zeppoles. She worked her way through photography school by way of the hospitality industry. By the time she decided to pivot to photography full-time she’d become a beverage director and opened a bar with her own cocktail menu. Her food and beverage knowledge is key to styling and directing her sets.

She loves food you can eat with your hands, making pasta from scratch, and eating tropical fruits - mostly mangos with Old Bay seasoning. In her free time, when she's not thinking about how food affects our relationships and the world, she enjoys boxing in Central Park, cycling the five boroughs, and hiking anywhere in the USA but really, mostly, Utah. Currently, she's on a mission to visit every National Park and taste the local food along the way. 

Her lighting is inspired by the specular highlights created by the Florida sun. She grew up in Melbourne, FL, before moving to Miami, and currently lives in Manhattan (something about places starting with the letter M?).

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